Co-curricular activities are "the Third Dimension of Education". They develop skills and are productively oriented. Students are required to participate in a number of activities per year for which they are assessed. While academics provide knowledge on various subjects, aptitude, attitude and integrity are some of the virtues that students acquire through inter-house competitions. The students are divide in to houses and during their schooling years, the qualities of honesty, trust, leadership, co-operation, team spirit risk taking, tolerance etc and social values are imbibed through inter house activities. The teachers play the role of a moderator and the students conduct the activities on their own.

The activities available in the clubs include (but not limited to), Music (vocal & Instrumental), Dance, Drama / Theatre, Public Speaking, Debate, Declamation, Calligraphy, Origami, Phulkari/ Stitch craft, Art & Craft, Clay Modeling, Poem Recitation, Quiz, skit, creative writing, elocution and first aid training. It is ensured that every student must take part in maximum activities as per his/her talent and interest. More activities will be added with the time and as per the requirement of the students.