Principal Message

Good Education is something that nurtures the innate abilities of a child. It ensures that the child grows aesthetically, mentally, physically, socially and emotionally. Education is not just a passport to a good life, but a potent and prominent tool used to empower a process that enables children to develop holistically. The mission of our school is to make education a relevant, meaningful and interesting activity so that our students are ready to face the challenges of the wold.
We also emphasize and foster the development of thinking skills, reflection, ideation, innovation and also provide ample opportunities to students to hone these skills. We aim to have a local and national reputation as a school, Where quality education is provided to youngsters with discipline. While we hold to traditional values, academic achievement and standards of behaviour, we are an innovative and creative school responding to the changing needs & demands of higher education and recognize the importance of aspiration, energy and ambition. We shall be a Specialist School in overall education, which enhances the strength of our students. Our students shall be individually known and valued, and we support their development both academically and socially. I am proud to lead a team of highly professional and committed staff